"[Jay Bird's] sound blends bass heavy production with emotive melodic writing to create his own unique take on the future bass genre. Paired with the soulful vocals of Korynn OC, the artists’ effort with Letting Go meshes delicate top lines with the driving impact of the synths and beat." - Future Bass From Jaybird, Plastic Magazine

Stockton 360 feat. korynn o'connell, the voice of stockton, kxvs


"Complimenting Jay Bird’s dark instrumental, yet melodic under-pinnings are the haunting, vengeful vocals of Korynn." - Jaybird and Korynn OC Collab On Massive Future Bass Single, The Sights and Sounds Music Magazine


"These emotions are depicted in O’Connell’s sultry voice, which is gorgeous yet vulnerable and gives this simple, acoustic number ["Coast to Coast"] its vitality and its soul." - Single Premiere: Korynn O’Connell – “Coast to Coast”, The Revue

"Her specialty is producing painfully honest lyrics and drizzling them with her honey coated vocal stylings. We've sure got a sweet  tooth." - Korynn O'Connell, Play Pretend