Lodi Roc-Vemberfest 2018

I am SO stoked to announce that my dad and I will be hosting Roc-Vemberfest again this year! It all started with an idea that Kevin (my dad) had last year. These past few summers, he’s been heavy into the music festival seen going to High Sierra, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, First Fest, Hang Town and much more. He’s always had a passion for music and is the person who introduced me to music at a young age. I remember dancing around on my bed singing to songs while he would play guitar. Last summer, he came to me with the idea of putting on a big concert with 20 acts at the newly opened Idol Beer Works. I was skeptical, I didn’t know if he knew how much work this would be. I’m familiar with throwing my own shows and parties, mostly EP or music video releases and even a one person shows takes a LOT of prep time. While I wasn’t 100% in, dad dragged me along the way, leaving me to put up with most of the work. Kevin didn’t want to put on a music fest to make a profit, he wanted to put on a music fest solely for his love as an artist and for original music. So, we decided, why not make it a charity benefit? We started searching for a charity who would be interested in having us raise money for them with this concert, it was surprisingly difficult to get charities involved but then, dad remembered his good friend Kevin Knutson was CEO of a charity. That charity is Operation Restored Warrior and voila! We had a charity to work with. ORW is devoted to helping out our combat veterans, already helping 1300 so far, so what better day to have our concert than on Veteran’s Day. And from this, Roc-Vemberfest was born, and quite a surprising success, raising 15k for ORW with over 500 attendees.

Last year, Roc-Vemberfest was held on one day, this year, we’re turning it into a full 3 day weekend, in festival fashion. November 9th, 10th, 11th. And trust me, we’re making it bigger and better. This year we will be having 3 stages and we’re bringing in some killer bands from those fore-mentioned music festivals like Achilles Wheel, Joe Craven, ONOFF, The Nickel Slots, Cities You Wish You Were From, Stereo RV, K-Doh & The Dohnutz! (my dad’s band), ME (duh) and many more!!

So come out and celebrate our two year anniversary with us. Listen to some great musicians and support an amazing cause! $20 3-Day Tickets can be purchased here: http://rocvemberfest.eventbrite.com/

Photo Credit: Dave Arney

Photo Credit: Dave Arney